Descriptive Error Messages for the Security Framework

Have you ever wondered how to translate OSStatus codes like -9612 from e.g. SSLHandshake() to something user presentable using Cocoa?

Here is how!

NSString* OPStringForSecErrorCode(OSStatus status)
/*" Returns the error string from the SecErrorMessages.strings 
    file found in the Security.framework bundle for the error (status) 
    code given. "*/
    NSBundle* secBundle   = [NSBundle bundleWithIdentifier: @""];
    // Convert status to Int32 string representation, e.g. "-25924":
    NSString* keyString   = [NSString stringWithFormat: @"%d", status];     
    NSString* errorString = [secBundle localizedStringForKey: keyString 
                                                       value: keyString 
                                                       table: @"SecErrorMessages"];
    return errorString;

This code is also part of the BSD-licensed OPNetwork.framework (OPSSLSocket class).

Have fun!


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